More than  30 years ago, Ms. Cynthia Cordes, M.S in Reading, C.A.S Cognitive Education, began working with children and adults at The Learning Incentive, developing individualized study strategies and skill building techniques to help them learn. She managed the Center’s Individualized Tutoring and Study Skills Programs, and created the Active Independent Multisensory Strategies (AIMS) concept used here. We offer our congratulations to Cynthia as she celebrates her retirement!

The Learning Incentive continues to provide individualized tutoring and education programs for students who learn differently. We believe that all students want to learn and we help students break through the barriers to success.  The skills and strategies taught at The Learning Incentive can help students achieve measurable gains in school – surpassing anything many have ever experienced. The sense of accomplishment this success instills sets the stage for a lifetime of learning.

A sense of accomplishment

The learning skills and strategies mastered by our students result in measurable achievements surpassing anything many have ever experienced.

You found the learner

You were able to see through his behaviors to find the learner. You’ve given us back our son.” – Michael D.

The Learning Incentive, an educational program of Ben Bronz Foundation, Inc.

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