Basic Skills for Adults

adult basic skills

A program emphasizing Basic Skills, is available for adults with learning disabilities. Students learn practical tools designed to build confidence and increase job effectiveness.

Some of the skills included are:
  • Solving problems in the work place
  • Making schedules to organize leisure and work time
  • Establishing goals and making plans to attain them
  • Being ready for the job: following directions; filling out forms, and learning how to type
  • Improving basic mathematics, reading and writing skills, including report writing.

Each tutorial session is focused on learning practical tools that increase understanding and efficiency. Students bring texts and assignments from School or College classes and learn how to organize, understand, and study the materials in effective ways.

A sense of accomplishment

The learning skills and strategies mastered by our students result in measurable achievements surpassing anything many have ever experienced.

You found the learner

You were able to see through his behaviors to find the learner. You’ve given us back our son.” – Michael D.

The Learning Incentive, an educational program of Ben Bronz Foundation, Inc.

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