Individualized Tutoring

Year Round

Individualized tutoring is available for students who are having difficulties in reading, spelling, writing or mathematics, and are discouraged, distracted, or learning disabled. Private tutoring sessions at The Learning Incentive are held as needed, and students usually can see their progress after only a few meetings.

Each student’s program is designed after a conference with the student and his parents, and sometimes telephone conferences with school teachers or other specialists. Assignments enhance and complement the services that are provided in the student’s school setting. Whether the student’s challenge is remedial or motivational, he learns to use an Active Learning Style that puts him in charge of his learning.

A member of our faculty will attend a Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meeting and arrange for school observations upon request.

In tutoring sessions, the student takes the leader’s role in solving each problem, expertly guided by teachers who are trained in nurturing an Active Learning Style.

A sense of accomplishment

The learning skills and strategies mastered by our students result in measurable achievements surpassing anything many have ever experienced.

You found the learner

You were able to see through his behaviors to find the learner. You’ve given us back our son.” – Michael D.

The Learning Incentive, an educational program of Ben Bronz Foundation, Inc.

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