Summer Study Skills

study skills workshop

A concentrated Summer Study Skills program for middle school, high school and college students, this Summer program is for individuals who want to brush up on their study skills. Students bring books and materials that they will be working with during their next school year. The program focuses on using the Active, Independent, Multisensory Strategy (AIMS) to prepare them for future studies.

Students learn and practice the following:
  • Studying – reading improvement, outlining, spotting main ideas, building vocabulary, setting up study guides, memorizing, and test preparation
  • Writing – outlining, structuring, typing, word processing and editing using Cornell Notes
  • Keyboarding fluencies
  • Mathematics fluencies

Each student is screened before the Summer program begins. Any student below grade level will receive basic skill remediation.

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A sense of accomplishment

The learning skills and strategies mastered by our students result in measurable achievements surpassing anything many have ever experienced.

You found the learner

You were able to see through his behaviors to find the learner. You’ve given us back our son.” – Michael D.

The Learning Incentive, an educational program of Ben Bronz Foundation, Inc.

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